Emmy Statue


The Heartland EMMY® Awards Competition

Deadline Wednesday, February 3, 2016: 5PM MST
To enter the Heartland Emmy Awards, your work must have had its first distribution in, and have been produced primarily for, an audience in (one of) these DMAs: Denver / Oklahoma City (large markets); Tulsa / Wichita-Hutchinson / Omaha / Colorado Springs-Pueblo (medium markets); Lincoln/Hastings-Kearney / Topeka / Grand Junction-Montrose / Cheyenne-Scottsbluff / Durango (small markets); within the designated eligibility period. All NATAS members receive a significant discount on entry fees, especially those working in medium and small markets; you don’t have to be a member to enter the competition.

We allow up to 12 names on the entry form, so that 12 people per entry are eligible for statuettes. The first six names must be paid for at the time the entry is submitted, and will subsequently receive a statue at the show (for a winning entry). Names 7-12 require neither an entry fee nor membership dues, and are eligible to order an individual statuette after the show, at a cost of $250/statuette.

  • By entering, you agree to serve as a judge when asked. 
  • Groups submitting more than 10 entries must include a Master List, emailed to the office, with entries, entrants, description of entries and fees/payment allocation
  • Entrants are responsible for the correct spelling of all information on the entry form; a list of all entrants will be posted on the website in March. Changes/corrections/additions after the February 3 deadline will incur a $35 reprocessing fee. The Heartland Chapter will permit NO changes allowed in the listing of entrants after the announcement of nominees
  • All entries must reflect the highest standard of journalistic ethics, including accuracy and truth
  • When less than 3 entries are submitted in a category, the Chapter Awards Committee reserves the right to move an entry to another category or disqualify and refund an entry.


Determine if your work is eligible, and choose your category, by reviewing the 2016 CALL FOR ENTRIES. Questions? Contact the office: 303.722.0916.


Put together a complete list of people who were involved in the production, and whose names will be on the entry form; only those names are eligible to receive a statue, ever. Each name incurs an entry fee – discounted for members. It helps to make sure everyone has renewed his/her membership before you enter IF you’re looking for that discount!
Entrants in the College/University Student Achievement Awards (Category 71) will pay a processing fee only (no membership discount); the Faculty Advisor must be listed on the entry form.


Get your video clip(s) together, according to our new Upload Specs. Pay attention to the Time Limit for your category. All video must be ‘as aired.’ Composites must include a second of black between segments AND a list of segments included in the Description of Entry. 
What’s Time Code? – Tell us the ‘in-point’ for the 30-second clip (on your entry video) to play back at the Awards Show. 
Preview the How to Upload Your Video video (it’s dated, but useful).


Enter online using one of the two links below … then, Pay for your entry … then, Upload and Approve your video. Deadline 5PM Wednesday, February 3, 2016.

Group Entry Link: ONLY if your work is affiliated with one of these entities – KUSA, KMGH, KCNC, OETA, RMPBS, KDVR, KWGN, KOKH, NET, KFOR, KWTV. Don’t forget to send a Master List if your organization is submitting more than 10 entries.

Individual Entry Link: If you’re entering on your own, not affiliated in any way with of one of the groups listed above. This is for all the rest of us, no matter how many entries you’re submitting. Don’t forget to send a Master List if your organization is submitting more than 10 entries.


Make changes to the entry form, if necessary, via the email confirmation you’ll receive as the submitter; changes may be made through February 3rd. NO changes are allowed to the video upload! 
Judging of our/your entries occurs during March and April. Nominations are announced early in June. EMMY® recipients will be presented at the Awards Galas 7/16/16.