1987 Winners

1987 Emmy Award Winners


1A News Program – Metro

KCNC “News Center 4 Late Edition”

David Lougee, Producer

Jeff Kaufman, Producer


1B News Program – Non-Metro

KKTV “Newscenter 11 at 10”

Lloyd Wright, News Director


2 Spot News

KUSA “Officer Pollack Dies”

Sherry Sellers, Reporter

David Delozier, Photojournalist

Brian Hostetler, Photojournalist


3 Live News

KUSA “Hart Resigns”

Neal Browne, Reporter

Dan Perez, Director

Lynn Kilb, Producer


4 Feature News

KUSA “Frozen In Time”

David Delozier, Photojournalist

Linda Benzel, News Anchor

John Kuhrt, Editor


5 General News

KUSA “Mending Wounded Knee”

Gary Shapiro, Reporter

Dan Wood, Photojournalist


6 Investigative Reporting

KUSA “Street Wars”

John Fosholt, Producer

Sonny Jackson, Photographer

Ward Lucas, Reporter


7 Sports Reporting

KUSA “High School on the High Plains”

Tom Green, Reporter

Mike Watson, Photojournalist


8 Sports Program

KUSA “Sound of Wings”

Tom Green, Reporter

Brian Hostetler, Photojournalist

David Delozier, Photojournalist


9 Current Issues – Documentary

KMGH “Foreign Trade is the Problem, Foreign Trade is the Solution”

Mary Carole McDonnell, Executive Producer

Bill Clarke, Producer

Dick Neale, Director


10 Artistic/Historic/Cultural Documentary

DCPA “Pass the Hat”

Dirk Olson, Producer/Director

Justin Dick, Executive Producer


11 Target Audience

KBDI “Beyond the Shelter Door”

Barbara Jabaily, Producer

Debra Bowers, Producer


12 Public Affairs Program

KRMA “First Degree Murder Trial”

Susan Kinney, Producer


13 Information-Instructional Program

KUSA “Whitewater Survival”

Bill Ward, Photojournalist


14 Interview/Discussion Program

KUSA “Colorado ’87”

Paula Woodward, Reporter

Carolyn Holbart, Producer


15 Entertainment Program

DCPA “Colorado Moves”

Dirk Olson, Producer/Director

Catherine Branscome, Producer

Pat Cochran, Producer


16 Youth/Children’s Program

No nominations


17 Special Events Coverage

KCNC “Boulder Boulder”

Mike Jackson, Producer

Dan Nabors, Director

Tom Edwards, Executive Producer


18 Editorial/Commentary

KMGH “Political Ads”

Bruce Burkhardt, Reporter

Andy Schaeffer, Videographer


19 Public Service Announcement

Thomas & Perkins “Trick or Treat Street”

Christine Purse, Producer


20A Promo:  In-house

KWGN “Wacko Week”

Craig Constantine, Producer/Director


20B Promo:  Out-of-house

KMGH “Horserace”

Robert A. Chernet, Writer/Producer

Jerry Smith, Photographer/Editor


21A Promotional Campaign: In-house

KWGN “Wacko Week Campaign”

Craig Constantine, Producer/Director


21B Promotional Campaign: Out-of-house

No Nominations


22A On-air Performance: News & Public Affairs

KMGH “May 21st Newscast”

Bertha Lynn, News Anchor


22B On-air Performance: Other than News & Public Affairs

No Nominations


23 Journalistic Enterprise

KUSA (Various)

David W. Delozier, Reporter/Producer


24A Director: Live

KWGN “Denver Nuggets Basketball

Louis Personett, Director


24B Director: Post-production

KCNC “World Cup Freestyle Skiing”

Kathy Lyle, Director


25A Writer: News

KCNC “Memorial Day Essay”

John Nickel, Writer

KUSA “Dorothy”

Paula Woodward, Reporter/Writer


25B Writer: Non-news programming

KMGH “People First”

Lisa Deitsch, Writer


25C Writer:  Promo/PSA

KDVR “Coogan’s Bluff”

Phil Kane, Writer


26A Video/Cinematographer: News

KUSA “Frozen in Time”

David W. Delozier, Videographer


26B Video/Cinematographer: Non-news

KCNC “Screening”

Wayne Villeneuve, Videographer


27A Editor: Computer-Aided

KUSA “Saracino’s Story”

Michael Watson, Editor


27B Editor: Non-computer-aided

KUSA “Frozen in Time”

John Kuhrt, Editor


28 Lighting

KUSA “Marble Carver”

Dan Wood


29 Audio

DCPA “Pass The Hat”

Dick Jenkin


30 Art Direction

KMGH “Television Station Art Direction”

Joe Negri, Art Director


31 Graphic Arts

KMGH “News/Graphics Animation”

Richard Abraham, Graphic Artist


32 Original Local Music Composition

KCNC “This is Colorado”

Marv Danielski, Composer