1988 Winners

1988 Emmy Award Winners


1A Outstanding News Program – Metro Denver Stations

KCNC “News Center 4 Late Edition”

Marv Rockford, News Director

News Center 4 Staff


1B Outstanding News Program – Non-Metro Denver Stations

KRDO “News 13”

Lee Williams, News Director


2 Outstanding Spot News

KCNC “Helicopter Chase”

Mike Silva, Helicopter Pilot

Jim Stair, Photojournalist

Vicki Hildner, Assignment Editor


3 Outstanding Live News

KMGH “1713 Crash”

Dave Minshall, Reporter

Carl Filoreto, Photojournalist

Derek Reich, Photojournalist

4 Outstanding Feature News

KCNC “Ramses II”

Reynelda Muse, Writer/Reporter

Doug Whitehead, Photojournalist/Editor


5 Outstanding General News

KUSA “Beyond the Kremlin”

Monica Gayle, Reporter/Anchor

Ward Lucas, Reporter/Anchor

Dan Wood, Photojournalist


6 Investigative Reporting

KMGH “Stapleton Security: All Secure?”

Dave Minshall, Reporter

Andy Schaeffer, Photojournalist

Jan Olsen, Producer


7 Sports Reporting

KMGH “Top Run”

Bill Hitchcock, Photojournalist/Editor

John Keating, Reporter


8 Sports Program

KUSA “Waves of Speed”

Michael Watson, Photojournalist

Dan Wood, Photojournalist

Tom Green, Reporter/Producer


9 Outstanding Current Issues Documentary

KCNC “Anatomy of a Chase”

Mike Silva, Helicopter Pilot

Jim Stair, Photojouralist

Vicki Hildner, Producer


10 Outstanding Artistic/Historic/Cultural Documentary

KUSA “Beyond the Kremlin”

John Fosholt, Producer

Monica Gayle, Reporter/Anchor

Sonny Jackson, Photojournalist


11 Outstanding Target Audience Program

KUSA “The Ones Who Win”

Michael Watson, Producer

Brian Hostetler, Chief Photographer


12 Outstanding Public Affairs Program

KRMA “Battle for the Mountains”

Lin Mrachek, Executive Producer


13 Outstanding Informational/Instructional Program

KUSA “An Injustice Forever”

Kathy Teets, Producer/Writer

Manny Sotelo, Photojournalist/Editor

John Kuhrt, Editor


14 Interview/Discussion Program

KMGH “David Lane/Newsmakers”

John Stretz, Co-Producer

Dave Minshall, Co-Producer


15 Entertainment Program

KRMA “Coming of the Spirits”

Kaye Lavine, Executive Producer


16 Outstanding Youth/Children’s Program

Pierce Productions “What One Child Can Do”

Lowel Pierce, Director/Photographer/Editor

Ellin Todd, Producer


17 Outstanding Special Events Coverage

KCNC “Boulder Boulder”

Tom Edwards, Executive Producer

Tom Richards, Producer

Terry Trovato, Director


18 Outstanding Editorial/Commentary

KMGH “That’s Life – That’s Hart”

Bruce Burkhardt, Commentator

19 Outstanding Public Service Campaign

KUSA “9 News Express”

Tim Sherno, Writer/Producer

Michael Watson, Photographer/Editor


20 Outstanding Public Service Announcement, :60 or less

KUSA “Day Off”

Watson Courtenay, Producer

21 Promotion:  Overall Station Image Campaign

KMGH “Channel 7 Christmas”

David Wright, Producer

Ray Volkema, Director/Editor

Pat Marek, Photographer


22 Promotion:  News Campaign

KUSA “Topicals/Oct./Nov. 1987”

Michael Watson, Producer/Photographer


23 Promotion: Spot Announcement for News

KMGH “First Class Summertrips Giveaway”

B.B. Schmid, Producer

Rich Abraham, Animator

Ray Volkema, Director


24 Promotion:  Non-news Campaign

KUSA “Oprah”

Esty Russell, Producer


25 Promotion: Spot Announcement for Other Than News

KCNC “Doug Moe Promo”

Carol Lehr, Producer/Writer


26 On-air Talent: News and Public Affairs

KUSA “The Gov”

Mike Landess


27 On-air Talent: Other than News and Public Affairs

KUSA “Somebody’s Listening”

Ward Lucas, Reporter


28 Outstanding Journalistic Enterprise

KUSA “Various”

Paula Woodward


29 Director “Live”

KUSA “9 News at 5:00”

Daniel Perez, Director


30 Director “Non-Live” ***TIE***

KUSA “Waves of Speed”

Daniel Perez, Director


KCNC “Freestyle Skiing”

Mike Jackson, Director


31 Writer “News”

KCNC “The Giants Rap”

John Nickel, Writer


32 Writer “Non-news Programming”

KCNC “Anatomy of a Chase”

Vicki Hildner


33 Writer “Promotion”

KMGH “AIDS Awareness”

B.B. Schmid

34 Writer “Public Service”

Independent “Teresa”

Josef Holbert, Writer


35 Videographer or Cinematographer “News/24 Hours”

KCNC “Police/Copter Chase”

Jim Stair, Photojournalist


36 Videographer or Cinematographer “News/No Time Limit”

KUSA “Ft. Logan National Cemetery”

John Kuhrt, Photojournalist


37 Videographer or Cinematographer “Non-news”

KUSA “Waves of Speed Open”

Michael Watson, Photographer


38 Editor: Effects Editing

KCNC “Breckenridge Freestyle Skiing”

Doug Houston, Editor


39 Editor: Machine-to-Machine Editing

KCNC “Anatomy of a Chase”

Robert Demeri, Editor


40 Lighting

KCNC “The Nutcracker”

Kathy Lyle


41 Audio  ***TIE***

KUSA “Patriotic Pigs”

Chris Wheeler


KUSA “Invisible Neighbors”

John Kuhrt



42 Art Direction

KMGH “Station Image”

Joe Negri, Art Director

43 Graphic Arts

KUSA “Graphics”

Mitch Castor, Graphic Artist

44 Original Local Music: Composer/Lyricist/Producer

KCNC “Full News Theme”

Jerome Gilmer, Composer

Marv Danielski, Producer