1989 Winners

1989 Emmy Award Winners


1A Outstanding News Program – Metro Denver Stations

KCNC “News 4 Late Edition”


1B Outstanding News Program – Non-Metro Denver Stations

KKTV “Newscenter 11 at Ten”


2 Outstanding Spot News

KUSA “Tornadoes”

Butch Montoya


3 Outstanding Live News

KCNC “Tornado Sighted”

Luan Akin

Larry Green

Mike Silva

David Gregg


4 Outstanding Feature News

KCNC “Christoper’s Christmas”

John Nickel


5 Outstanding Hard News/24 Hours

KCNC “Thomson Crime Spree”

Marv Rockford


6 Outstanding Hard News/No limit

KMGH “Anatomy of a Plane Crash”

Coby Howell

Dave Minshall

Jan McCoy

Carl Filoreto


7 Investigative Reporting

KCNC “Destitute in Denver”

Wendy Bergen

Vicki Hildner

Doug Whitehead

Dale Atchinson


8 Sports Reporting

KCNC “Snowboarding”

John Cummings


9 Sports Program

KUSA “Race to the Clouds”

Steve Alvarez

Tom Green

Bill Cressler

Dan Perez


10 Sports/Live Coverage

KCNC “Broncos Pre-Season Football”

Tom Edwards

Tom Richards

Terry Trovato

Ron Zappolo


11 Outstanding Current Issues Documentary

KMGH “Yellowstone: Battle for a National Treasure”

Jim Redmond

John Betancourt

Ray Volkema


12 Outstanding Artistic/Historic/Cultural Documentary

KUSA “Promises in the Mist”

Pattie Logan

Chris Wheeler

Linda Benzel

Dan Perez

13 Outstanding Target Audience Program

KUSA “Season of Hope”

Tom Green

Barry Sublett

Dan Dvorak

Mike Watson

14 Outstanding Public Affairs Program

KUSA “9 Who Care”

Carolyn Holbert

Dan Perez

Mike Watson

Jean Galloway


15 Outstanding Informational/Instructional Program

KCNC “Yamagata”

Vicki Hildner

Madeline McFadden

John Cummings


16 Interview/Discussion Program

KRMA “Tessler Live: Coping With Credit”

Mark Herlinger

Gary Tessler

Linda Rea


17 Entertainment Program

KUSA “Spring Fling”

Pattie Logan

Dan Perez

Mike Watson


18 Outstanding Youth/Children’s Program

KUSA “Christmas in the City”

Virgil Teeter

Duke Hartman

Robert Lee Fairchild

Jim Berger

19 Outstanding Special Events Coverage

KMGH “Ted Bundy: Case Closed”

Jan McCoy

Ernie Bjorkman

Andy Dudley


20 Outstanding Editorial/Commentary

KUSA “Crash of Sky 9”

Maria Rodrigues

Sonny Jackson

Dan Dvorak

John Kuhrt


21 Outstanding Public Service Campaign

KWGN “Twobits: Responsibility for Pet Ownership”

Jean Wolf


22 Outstanding Public Service Announcement, :60 or less

Phelan Productions “Cystic Fibrosis Sports Challenge”

Jim Phelan


23 Promotion:  Overall Station Image Campaign

KUSA “Dancing in the Street”

Esty Russell

Tim Sherno

Mike Watson

Bill Peterson


24 Promotion: News Campaign

KCNC “Critic At Large”

Carol Lehr

Kathy Lyle

Tom Mares

Mike Jackson


25 Promotion: Spot Announcement for News

KCNC “Inside the Soaps”

Priscilla Kirkley

Clyde Becker

Kandy Brown


26 Promotion: Non-news Campaign

No Nominations


27 Promotion: Spot Announcement for Other Than News

KWGN “February Movies on Denver’s 2”

Tom Burton


28 On-air Talent: News and Public Affairs

KCNC “Destitute in Denver

Wendy Bergen


29 On-air Talent: Other than News and Public Affairs

KCNC “Vietnam: Face of the Future”

Madeline McFadden


30 Outstanding Journalistic Enterprise

KCNC Wendy Bergen


31 Director “Live”

KUSA “9 Who Care”

Dan Perez


32 Director “Non-Live”

DCPA “Legends”

Dirk Olsen


33 Writer “News”

KUSA “Promises in the Mist”

Linda Benzel


34 Writer “Non-news Programming”

KCNC “Artists of America”

Mary Brenneman


35 Writer “Promotion”

KMGH “Do or Diet”

BB Schmid


36 Writer “Public Service”

HVE Productions “Bull Rider”

Rex Hauck


37 News Producer “Live”

KCNC “Colorado Evening News”

Joe Delmonico


38 Videographer “News/24 Hours”

KUSA “Cadet Haircuts”

Chris Wheeler


39 Videographer “News/No Time Limit”

KMGH “Aspen”

Bill Hitchcock


40 Videographer “Non-news”

KCNC “The Critic at Large”

Kathy Lyle


41 Editor: Effects Editing

KUSA “Denver Dusk to Dawn”

Jeff Wilkins

42 Editor: Machine-to-Machine Editing

KUSA “Thunderboats”

Jeff Wilkins


43 Lighting

KCNC “The Critic at Large”

Robert Smith


44 Audio

DCPA “Legends”

Richard Jenkins


45 Special Engineering Achievement

KUSA “Race to the Clouds”

Dan Perez


46 Production Engineering

KUSA “Race to the Clouds”

Dan Perez


47 Art Direction

KCNC “Critic at Large”

Tom Mares


48 Graphic Arts

KUSA Jim Peters


49 Original Local Music: Composer/Lyricist/Producer

DCPA “Legends”

Richard Jenkins

Scott Alan Smith