1994 Winners


Category Title Station/Credits
1. Extended News Coverage

Pilgrimage to the Peaks KUSA Denver
9 News Staff
2A. Spot News Day of Tornadoes KFOR Oklahoma City
Mike Morgan
Mike Duncan
Jeff Piotrowski
Dick Freeman
2B. Spot News Tornado
( Prime Time Texas )
WFAA Dallas
Byron Harris
Linda Levy
3. General News-No Limit Pet Diplomas KUSA Denver
Paula Woodward
Janice Jensen
John Franzgrote
Ann King
4A. General News-24 Hours Beth Haynes Funeral KCNC Denver
Jim Hanchett
Bob Burke
4B. General News-24 Hours Homeless For Christmas KMGH Denver
Pat Woodard
Hank Bargine
4C. General News-24 Hours Chance Of A Lifetime KUSA Denver
John Kuhrt
Ed Filmer
Roger Wolfe
5. Live News Lancaster Tornado KDFW Dallas
Brett Shipp
Tony Furlow
6. News Feature Long Journey Home KOCO Oklahoma City
Jane Braden
Gary Wolfe
7. Non-News Feature Feeding Time at the Zoo KDTV/Ch.8 Denver
Talliver Hare
8. Investigative Reporting Golden Years, Dark Days KDFW Dallas
Becky Oliver
Phil Fleming Fletcher Bransford
9. Special Events Coverage Late Night with Pope John Paul KUSA Denver
Asa Darrow
Jack Maher
Ed Sardella
A. Graham Clark
10. Sports Reporting Boxing Broncos KCNC Denver
Kevin Hartfield
Doug Legore
11A. Sports Program The Boys Are Back KUSA Denver
Barry Sublett
Tony Lamb
Asa Darrow
Tom Green
11B. Sports Program Colorado Sportswomen #2 KCNC Denver
Cj Grammer
Marcia Neville
Inge Gill
Alison Harder
12. Sports Live Coverage Nuggets Pre-Game Show-Utah Game #5 KUSA Denver
Barry Sublett
Ron Zappolo
John Kuhrt
Bruce Fauser
13. Documentary: Current Issues Yellowstone: Up From The Ashes KMGH Denver
Pat Woodard
Jim Weis
John C.P. Goheen
Coby Howell
14. Documentary: Artistic/Historical/Cultural Strong Medicine NETV Lincoln
Joe Turco
15. Target Audience Program Signature 3-The Healing Journey KSNW Wichita
Ted Lewis
Melissa Beck
Carl Bonner
Gregg Cox
16. Public Affairs Program A+ For Teachers-Challenges of the 90’s KCNC Denver
John Allen
Karen Layton
Sherri Velte
Derek Wilson
17. Informational/Instructional Program Teen Court KRMA Denver
Walter Baas
Daniel Mercure
18. Interview/Discussion Program Crossroads: Run For Your Life KMGH Denver
Christine Oldroyd
Anne Trujillo
Julie Hayden
19. Entertainment Program High Country Hits #58 KUSA Denver
Kimberly Allen
Duke Hartman
Lesa Bucks
Kelly Burke
20. Youth/Childrens’ Program Really Short Shows KRMA Denver
John W. Burshtan
Daniel Mercure
Walter Baas
21. Editorial/Commentary Celebrity Killers KCNC Denver
Greg Moody
21. Editorial/Commentary Focus On A Child KCNC Denver
Greg Moody
22. PSA: Campaigns Wannabe? Think Twice KUSA Denver
Jean Galloway
Mike Watson
Jan Zeiser
Sonny Jackson
23. PSA Single Announcement Cherry Creek Arts Festival KCNC Denver
J. Michael Russell
Sherri Velte
24. Promotions: Station Image Campaign JaM Campaign KXAS Ft. Worth
Lee Spieckerman
Lisa Phelps-Dawes
Pattie Wayne
25. Promotions: News Campaign Hansen Style II WFAA Dallas
Jim Glass
26. Promotions: Non-News Campaign Choose To Participate KDTV/Ch. 8 City & County of Denver
Talliver Hare
26 Promotions: Non-News Campaign Mike Doocy KDFW Dallas
Rick Laurenzo
Sterling Johnson
Jim Monroe
27. Promotions: Spot Announcement for News Testing The Toys II KXAS Ft. Worth
Crystal Smith
28. Promotions: Spot Announcement Non-News Afternoon Kid’s Block KDAF Dallas
Bob Dickinson
29. Production Engineering Colcannon Denver Center for the Performing Arts- DCPA Denver
Jim Smith
29. Production Engineering The 1994 Bolder Boulder KCNC Denver
David Harder
C. Jerome Davidson
Joe Viani
David Porta
30. Special Engineering Achievement First Video KFOR Oklahoma City
Melissa Klinzing
Dick Freeman
Mike Morgan
Dick Marley
31. Music 1994 Rangers: Rockin’ The House KTVT Ft. Worth
Barry Smith
Lee Roy Parnell
32. Animation Production Design Yellowstone: Five Years After Fire KCNC Denver
Teri Bassett
33. Anchor-News The Pope and the People KUSA Denver
Anne Lanker
34. Anchor-Sports Sports Anchoring KMGH Denver
Curt Sandoval
35. Anchor-Weather Gary England Weather KWTV Oklahoma City
Gary England
36. Producer-Newscast Restaurant Murders KUSA Denver
Jene Nelson
37. Direction-Live 9 Who Care KUSA Denver
Duke Hartman
38. Direction: Tape/Film Direction: Tape/Film Signature 3-
The Healing Journey
KSNW Wichita
Carl Bonner
39. Editing: Documentary/Magazine The Day That Changed The World KUSA Denver
John Kuhrt
40. Editing: News Series/News Feature Symphony Rafting KCNC Denver
Scott Rensberger
41. Editing: Promostions/PSA’s Cherry Creek Arts Festival KCNC Denver
J. Michael Russell
42. Editing: Spot News Sewer Rescue KMGH Denver
Hank Bargine
43. Editing: Sports/Entertainment Get A Grip KUSA Denver
John Kuhrt
44. Editing: Post-Production/On-Line Editor Super Hoops KCNC Denver
Derek Wilson
45. Lighting Up With People-World In Motion KUSA Denver
Earl Thomas
46. Audio The Musician KUSA Denver
John Nickel
47. Set Design Pilgrimage To The Peaks KUSA Denver
Jeff Gruber
48. Still Graphics Graphics By Jim
KUSA Denver
Jim Brisnehan
49. Videography/Cinematography: Documentary/Magazine Yellowstone: Five Years After Fire KCNC Denver
John Cummings
50. Videography/Cinematography: News Series/News Feature Symphony Rafting KCNC Denver
Scott Rensberger
51. Videography/Cinematography: Promotions/PSA’s The Human Touch WFAA Dallas
Kevin Moran
52. Videography/Cinematography: Spot News Graduation Melee KUSA Denver Kenny Hamilton
53. Videography/Cinematography: Sports/Entertainment Canyon Kayakers KCNC Denver
Brad Wood
54. Writing: News Forgotten Forever KOTV Tulsa
Scott Thompson
55. Writing: Programming Signature 3: The Healing Journey KSNW Wichita
Ted Lewis
56. Writing: Promotions/PSA’s Skylights KCNC Denver
Clyde Becker
57. Journalistic Enterprise Journalistic Enterprise/Hildner KCNC Denver
Vicki Hildner
58. Student Productions: Informational Program Wilderness on Wheels Metropolitan State College
Denver Denise Woods
59. Student Productions: Entertainment Program CTV Presents: The Samples CO State University-
Student TV Productions
Ft. Collins
CTV Staff
60. Student Productions: Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) CTV Health Services CO State University-
Student TV Productions
Ft. Collins
Kevin Strong