2000 Winners

2000 Heartland Regional Emmy Winners



Category 1A

Outstanding Daily Newscast, Markets 1-50


KCNC: News4 at 10

News4 Staff



Category 1B

Outstanding Daily Newscast, Markets 51+



KJRH: 10pm Broadcast 5/11/00





Category 2

Morning/Noon Newscast:

All Markets Eligible


KDFW: FOX 4 Good Day

Ridhi Mehra, Producer

FOX 4 News Team






Category 3

Spot News Team Coverage

(This is a station award.  A plaque will be presented to the winning station)


KMGH: 7News 5pm: Hail Storm

Jaymee Campdilli-Johnson,    Producer

Andy Dudley, Director




Category 4

Spot News/Single Report



KSNW: Missing Man Found

Justin Kraemer, Reporter

Rob Karnes, Photogrpaher




Category 5

Live News



KXAS: Downtown Fort Worth Tornado Damage       

Suzel Spiller, Reporter

Mike Heimbuch, Photographer




Category 6

General News 24 Hours


KCNC: Columbine: One Year later

       Vicki Hildner, Producer

Eric Blumer, Editor

News4 Staff


Category 7

General News/No Limit      



WFAA: Baby Factory

         Janet St. James, Reporter

Douglas Burgess, Photographer

Category 8

News Feature/No Limit


KCNC: Donkey Race

   Vicki Hildner, Producer

Bill Masure, Photographer/Editor

                               Eric Blumer, Photographer

Bill Stuart, Reporter





Category 9

News Feature/24 Hours


KCNC: Beanie Kids

       Scott Sander, Reporter

         Everett McEwan, Photographer





Category 10

News Series


KMGH: Coloradans in Kosovo

Hendrik Sybrandy, Reporter

Coby Howell, Photojournalist





Category 11

Investigative Reporting


KDFW: Serve and Protect?

 Becky Oliver, Investigative Reporter

Jennifer Cameron, Producer

Scott Gill, Editor

Phil Fleming, Photographer



Category 12

Special Events Coverage


KJRH: Twist of Fate

KJRH Newsroom




Category 13

Documentary/Current Issues



KCNC: Embracing a Dream – The Legacy of Oumar Dia    Stephanie Riggs, Writer/Producer

         Bill Masure, Photojournalist/Editor

         Alison Harder, Post Production Editor   




Category 14

Documentary/Artistic or Cultural


Nebraska Educational Telecommunications:

         WILD HORSES – An American Romance  

         Christine Lesiak, Producer/Director/Writer

         Ralph Hammack  , Videographer/Editor

         Jim Lennertz, Audio Engineer



Category 15



Rocky Mountain PBS:

America’s Byways: Los Caminos Antiguos

       Chris Wheeler, Producer/Director

Lorie Hirose, Writer

Richard Webster, Editor

         Melody Maj, Associate Producer



Category 16

Target Audience Program


KCNC: Colorado Sportswomen – April 2000

         Cj. Grammer, Producer

Marcia Neville Burke, Assistant Producer

Inge Gill, Editor

Alison Harder, Post Production Editor



Category 17

Public Affairs Program


KTVT: 11 Days of Christmas Wishes

          Lori Weber, Producer

Ram Guzman, Videotape Editor

Category 18

Informational/Instructional Program


Rocky Mountain PBS: Spirit of Colorado: Back in the Saddle            John W. Burshtan, Executive Producer

         Edward Jahn, Producer

Lisa D. Olken, Producer/Photographer

Daniel Mercure, On-Line Editor   






Category 19

Interview/Discussion Program


WFAA: Good Morning Texas, March 22, 2000

       Dina Conte Schulz, Executive Producer




Category 20

Entertainment Program


WFAA: Singles

       Beth-Ann Lee, Segment Producer

         Chris Mathis, Photographer

         Claudia M. Russell, Editor           




Category 21

Youth/Children’s Program


Rocky Mountain PBS: Spirit of Colorado: Kids  

       John W. Burshtan, Executive Producer

         Edward Jahn, Producer

Lisa D. Olken, Producer/Photographer

Walter M. Baas, Producer/Photographer



Category 22

Sports Program


WFAA: Dallas Cowboy’s 40th Anniversary

       Tony Martinez, Executive Producer

Dale Hansen, Host

Arnold M. Payne III, Producer/Photographer

Lisa Jenkins, Producer



Category 23

Sports Reporting



KMGH: Victory for the Soul

Sean McLaughlin, Reporter

Perry Drake, Photojournalist




Category 24

Sports Anchor


KXAS: Christmas Eve 1999

Scott Murray, Sports Anchor




Category 25

Sports Videography



WFAA: The Landry Legacy

Arnold M. Payne III, Photojournalist








Category 26

Sports Editing


KUSA: Brad Houston’s Sports Editing Composite     

Brad Houston, Photojournalist/Editor



Category 27

Special Engineering Achievement


KCNC: 2000 Boulder Boulder

         Paul Deeth: Microwave Engineer in Charge

Mike Silva, Helicopter Pilot

         David Gregg, Photographer

         Kimo Quaintance, Microwave Technician



Category 28

Graphic Design – News

KUSA: Pieces and Parts to Form Moving Arts          

Johanna Parker, Art Director




Category 29

Graphic Design – Non-news


Starz! Encore Group: ’99 Montage

Suzanne Heintz, On-Air Designer




Category 30

Set Design


KWGN: WB2 News Set

Gretchen McArthur, Art Director

Holland Wilde, Pencilogic Design



Category 31

Public Service Announcement – Single Announcement   


WFAA: Wednesday’s Child

       Raymond Martin, Producer

         Todd Reid, Editor


Category 32

Public Service Announcements – Campaigns


Fox Sports Net Rocky Mountain:

       Colorado Special Olympics – 30 Years of Heroes

       Michael Dimond, Executive Producer

              Clay Pahlau, Producer/Director


Category 33

Promotion – News Spot Announcement 24 Hour


KUSA: Urban Legends

         Andy Schaeffer, Producer/Photographer



Category 34

Promotion – News Spot Announcement/No Limit


KMGH: 7News: The Reason to Watch (Eye)

Sean D. Houston, Producer/Writer

Mark D. Petersen, Producer

Mark Montour Larson, Art Direction

John Brisnehan, Editor/Effects




Category 35

Promotion – Spot Announcement/Non-news


Colorado Production Group: TLC, Inside the Inferno – Fire

         Jeanne Kopeck, Director

Anne Fox, Executive Producer

Murphy Gilson, Producer

Jim Brisnehan, Art Director


Category 36

Promotion – Station Image


Colorado Production Group: International Channel – Phase I

         Jeanne Kopeck, Director

         John Brisnehan, Animation Director




Category 37

Promotion Campaign/News


WFAA: News 8 2000

       Stan Melton, Jr., Executive Producer

Verdell Christophersen, Director

Raymond Martin, Producer  



Category 38

Promotion Campaign/Non-news


KSTR 49/USA Broadcasting:

 Andy Griffith Show Classic Campaign

       Fernando Rivero, Producer

Manny Gonzalez, Design Director

Katai Tang, Designer

Chris Sloan, Creative Director



Category 39

Anchor – News


Crash of 1420   

Cameron Harper, Anchor







Category 40

Anchor – Weather


KUSA: Kathy Sabine – Meteorologist

Kathy Sabine, Meteorologist



Category 41



KUSA: The Old Printing Press

Gary Shapiro, Writer



Category 42



KTVT: Season of Speed

Patricia Hartin, Director



Category 43

Direction – Tape/Film


WDAY: Return to Vietnam: Healing on the Hill

Lon Keller, Director/Editor


Category 44

Technical Director


KTVT: Texas Primary Night

Seth Thomas, Technical Director


Category 45

Editing – News


KUSA: Brad Houston’s News Editing Composite        

Brad Houston, Editor



Category 46

Editing – Non-news


KUSA: Ocean Journey – Sumatran Tigers

Brad Houston, Editor



Category 47

Editing – Post-Production/On-line Editor


KDFW: Post Pieces ’99-’00 Composite

Stephen Daniels, Post Production/Sr. Designer



Category 48



KUSA: Goths

                         Brad Houston, Photojournalist/Editor






Category 49



KUSA: Goths

Brad Houston, Photojournalist



Category 50

Talent – Hosting, Interviewer, Moderator


KCNC: SHOW – Brewery

Greg Moody, Host



Category 51

Talent – Acting, Performing, Announcing


Brenmary Productions: Colorado’s Historic Carousels

Chuck Benson, Narrator



Category 52

Videography – News


KUSA: Brad Houston’s News Videography Composite

Brad Houston, Photojournalist


Category 53

Videography – Non-news


KCNC: Embracing a Dream – The Legacy of Oumar Dia

Bill Masure, Photojournalist


Category 54



KDFW: New Texas Rangers Station

Aaron Caughran, Director of Photography



Category 55

Writing – News


WFAA: Doug Fox Stories

Doug Fox, Senior Reporter



Category 56

Writing – Non-news


KDAF: Under the Knife

Bob Dickinson, Writer/Producer



Category 57

Journalistic Enterprise


KUSA: Paula Woodward – Reporter

Paula Woodward, Reporter





Category 58

Student Achievement


Colorado State University

CTV Campusline


Mario Caballero, Advisor

Melissa Marshbanks

Greg Alexander

Kevin Brown

Sara Shepard