2011 Winners



Category 01A — Morning Newscast – Larger Markets

“7NEWS This Morning”

KMGH —  Denver

Mitch Jelniker, News Anchor

Bertha Lynn, Anchor/Reporter

Keely Walker, Producer

Bob Sandoval, Director


Category 01B — Morning Newscast – Medium Markets

“Chilean Mine Rescue”

KRDO —  Colorado Springs

Allison Hyduk, Producer


Category 02A — Daytime Newscast – Larger Markets

“7NEWS at 11am”

KMGH —  Denver

April Schildmeyer, Producer

Bertha Lynn, News Anchor


Category 02B — Daytime Newscast – Medium Markets

“April Snow”

KRDO-TV —  Colorado Springs

Barrett Tryon, Producer


Category 03A — Evening Newscast – Larger Markets

“Commerce City Storm”

KUSA-TV 9NEWS —  Denver

Will Swope, Newscast Producer

Jerry Vancini, Newscast Director/Technical Director


Category 03B — Evening Newscast – Medium Markets

“The News on 6 Tonight”

KOTV —  Tulsa

Joshua Brakhage, Producer


Category 04A — General Assignment Report – Within 24 Hours

“Thanks for Thanksgiving”

KUSA-TV —  Denver

Kyle Clark, Reporter

Anne Herbst, Photojournalist


Category 04B — General Assignment Report – No Time Limit

“The Gift of Life”

KDVR-TV Fox31 —  Denver

Ginger Delgado, Reporter

Josh Hans, Photographer

Shawn Montano, Video Editor


Category 5 — Breaking News

“Fourmile Canyon Wildfire”

KUSA —  Denver

Adele Arakawa, Reporter

Mark Koebrich, Producer


Category 6 — Spot News

“Rescued Puppies”

KTUL —  Tulsa

Burt Mummolo, Co-Producer

Robin Collett, Co-Producer


Category 7 — Continuing Coverage

“Second Time Around”

KRDO —  Colorado Springs

Vida Urbonas, Reporter

Isaac Blancas, Photojournalist


Category 08A — Investigative Report – Single Story

*** TIE ***

“Gambling on the Clock”

KOKH Fox 25 —  Oklahoma City

Billy Dry, Photographer/Editor

Nick Winkler, Writer/Reporter


“Strip Club Pastor”

KOKH Fox 25 —  Oklahoma City

Billy Dry, Photographer/Editor

Britten Follett, Writer/Reporter

Nick Winkler, Reporter/Writer

Jennifer Watts, Undercover Journalist


Category 08B — Investigative Report – Series

“Deaths At The State Hospital”

KMGH —  Denver

John Ferrugia, Producer

Jason Foster, Photojournalist


Category 09A — Feature News Report – Light Feature

*** TIE ***

“Miracle Bear”

KTUL-TV —  Tulsa

Robin Collett, Photojournalist

Burt Mummolo, Reporter


“Animal ER”

KTUL —  Tulsa

Burt Mummolo, Co-Producer

Robin Collett, Co-Producer


Category 09B — Feature News Report – Light Series

“On The Road: Pryor”

FOX23 —  Tulsa

Todd Spessard, News Director

Janna Clark, Reporter


Category 10A&B — Arts/Entertainment Program/Feature

“Get Off My Porch”

Free State Studios —  Topeka

Patrick Rea, Director, Producer

Ryan S. Jones, Producer


Category 11A — Business/Consumer – News Single Story

“‘Temporary’ Tattoo?”

KWTV —  Oklahoma City

Amanda Taylor, Reporter

Rich Kriegel, Photojournalist

Courtney Clevenger, Producer


Category 11B — Business/Consumer – Program/Special

“Good Life for Less”

KCNC-TV, CBS4 —  Denver

Suzanne McCarroll, Reporter

Libby Gardner Smith, Producer


Category 12A&B — Children/Youth/Teen Program/Feature

“Allie’s Story”

18th Judicial District, State of Colorado, UNINTERRUPTED.TV —  Denver

Joy Parrish, Producer

Jim Kellett, Director

Michael McIntyre, Editor


Category 13A — Politics/Government – News Single Story

“Bridges to No Where”

KUSA —  Denver

Jace Larson, Reporter

Anna Hewson, Photographer/Producer


Category 13B — Politics/Government – News Series

“McInnis For Governor: Plagiarism”

KMGH —  Denver

John Ferrugia, Producer

Jason Foster, Photojournalist


Category 13C — Politics/Government – Program/Special

“The Colorado Terrorist”

KMGH —  Denver

Tony Kovaleski, CALL7 Investigator

Jason Foster, Editor

Mark Wisner, Director

John Velte, Director


Category 14A – Weather Program

Combined with 18C Documentary – Topical


Category 15A — Specialty Assignment Report – News Single Story

“Gift of Sight”

KUSA —  Denver

Bazi Kanani, Reporter

Tom Cole, Videographer/Editor


Category 15B — Specialty Assignment Report – News Series

“Comeback Kid: The Story of Diego Lemos”

The Denver Post —  Denver

Mahala Gaylord, Producer

Meghan Lyden, Producer, Editor, Programmer

Tim Rasmussen, Producer, Editor

Kevin Simpson, Reporter


Category 16A — Sportscast

“Rockies Postgame Show”

Root Sports —  Denver

Alison Vigil, Producer

James Armintrout, Director

Thomas Helmer, Host

Alanna Rizzo-Kole, Sideline Reporter

Tracy Ringolsby, Analyst

Marc Stout, Analyst

Tavis D. Strand, Producer

Ken Miller, Executive Producer


Category 16B — Sports – News Feature

*** TIE ***

“Wrighting a Wrong”

KUSA 9News —  Denver

David W. Delozier, Producer


“Born to be a Demon”

KUSA 9News —  Denver

David W. Delozier, Segment Producer


Category 16C — Sports – Program Series

“Season Pass: Colorado State Men’s Basketball – Episode 1”

The MountainWest Sports Network —  Denver

Frank Martin, Producer

Adrian Cruz, Editor

Garrison Schott, Editor

Steve Hurlbut, Executive Producer


Category 16D — Sports – One-Time Special

“Rockies All Access: Baseball in the Dominican Republic”

Root Sports —  Denver

Ryan Morrison, Producer / Photographer

Joel Niebauer, Associate Producer

Charlie Felix, Photographer

Braden Grieser, Editor

Alison Vigil, Producer

Clay Pahlau, Coordinating Producer

Ken Miller, Executive Producer

Alanna Rizzo-Kole, Reporter/Translator

Ubaldo Jimenez, Talent


Category 17 — Sporting Event/Game – Live/Unedited

“Nuggets at Thunder Christmas Night Game Broadcast”

OKC Thunder Broadcasting —  Oklahoma City

Robert Hedrick, Manager of Broadcast Operations

Todd Minhinnett, Producer

Eric Date, Director

Brian Davis, Play by Play Announcer

Grant Long, Television Analyst

Kelly Crull, Sideline Reporter

Matthew Wells, Production Manager

Robert (Sarge) Eaton, EVS Operator

Shauna Hawthorne, Editor

Jay Beauchamp, Photographer

Matt Pinto, Radio Play by Play

Dan Mahoney, Vice President Corporate Communications, Community Relations, Broadcasting


Category 18A — Documentary – Cultural

*** TIE ***

“The Science of Composing”

OETA the Oklahoma Network —  Oklahoma City

Christi Mitchell, Producer / Editor

Bill Perry, Executive Producer

Daniel Lapham, Photographer

Jerod Tate, Music Consultant

John McCarroll, Executive Director

Bill Thrash, Program Executive

Toney Antonelli, Graphic Design

Charles Kennedye, Photographer

Leon Smith, Audio Mix

David Tamez, Photographer

Chuck Dutrow, Lighting

Joel Beasley, Engineering


“Honoring Our Own”

KUSA 9News —  Denver

David W. Delozier, Producer

John Kuhrt, Editor


Category 18B — Documentary – Historical

“Will Rogers & American Politics”

RSU Public Television (KRSC-TV) —  Claremore

Tim Yoder, Producer/Videographer

Dan Schiedel, Executive Producer

Geoffrey O’Gara, Writer

Jessica Blythe Ammons, Associate Producer

Bryan Crain, Music/Graphics


Category 18C — Documentary – Topical

“CSI on Trial”

NET Television —  Lincoln

Bill Kelly, Producer & Writer


Category 19 — Historical/Cultural Program Feature/Segment

*** TIE ***

“Santa Fe, Raices Hispanas”

KCEC-TV Univision —  Denver

Luis Canela, Reporter

Juan Cárdenas, Photographer/Editor

Gilberto Companioni, Writer/Producer


“Dr. Geoff Tabin”

Plum TV —  Aspen

Drew Beebe, Camera/Producer

Erik Osterholm, Shooter/Editor/Producer


Category 20A & B — Interview/Discussion Program/Segment

“Colorado Inside Out: Circa 1935”

Colorado Public Television —  Denver

Dominic Dezzutti, Producer

Larry Patchett, Producer


Category 21A — Magazine Program/Special

“Outside Film Festival”

Outside Television —  Telluride

Christopher Hanson, Producer

Brian Emerson, Producer


Category 21B — Magazine Program Feature/Segment

“Metromix RiNo Arts District Segment”


Heidi McGuire, Host/Producer/Photographer/Editor

John Kuhrt, Editor/Photographer


Category 22A — Informational/Instructional Program/Special

“Woodturning Workshop”

RSU Public Television (KRSC-TV) —  Claremore

Tim Yoder, Producer/Editor

Bryan Crain, Director/Photographer/Graphics

Dan Schiedel, Executive Producer


Category 23A — Public/Current/Community Affairs Program/Special

“Colorado Helping Haiti”

KDVR —  Denver

Janet Oravetz, Producer

Ryan Delamater, Editor

Libby Weaver, Talent

Don Hardy, Field Producer

Joe Panepinto, Graphic Artist

Brian Tetzler, Writer

Dan Gillett, Photographer/Field Producer


Category 23B — Public/Current/Community Affairs Feature/Segment

“Sun Valley”

The Denver Post —  Denver

Meghan Lyden, Producer, Editor, Programmer

Mahala Gaylord, Producer, Editor

Tim Rasmussen, Producer, Editor

Craig Walker, Photojournalist

Tina Griego, Reporter, Writer


Category 24 — Special Event Coverage (other than News or Sports)

“Parade of Lights”

KUSA —  Denver

Alex Brancard, Director

Bob Pusatory, Producer


Category 25A — Community/Public Service (PSA) – Single Spot

“Yesterday’s Zoo”

Yesterday’s Zoo LLC —  Denver

Shane DeRolf, Executive Producer

Bernard Derriman, Animation Director

Mark Oblinger, Music Director

Greg Carr, Art Director

Bruce Marshall, Sound Editor

Evan DeRolf, Story Editor

Amy Carder, Co-Producer

Andrew Walters, Co-Producer

Jim Houlihan, Co-Producer

Amy Houlihan, Co-Producer

Karen Knudsen, Co-Producer

Craig Knudsen, Co-Producer


Category 25B — Community/Public Service (PSA) – Campaign


KUSA —  Denver

Andy Schaeffer, Write, light, shoot, edit and add graphics

Chad Maurer, Writer/Producer


Category 26A — News Promotion – Single Spot

“Boomerang Kids”

KDVR —  Denver

Malia Armani, Producer

Kevin Andrews, Associate Producer

Andrew Windish, Graphic Artist


Category 26B — News Promotion – Single Spot/Same Day

*** TIE ***

“Emily’s Hope”

KUSA —  Denver

Chad Maurer, Writer/Producer/Editor


“9Wants to Know: Life on the Run”

KUSA —  Denver

Drew Sidener, Topical Writer/Producer/Editor


Category 26C — News Promotion – Campaign

“FOX 25 Morning News Facebook campaign”

KOKH —  Oklahoma City

Stephanie Sims, Creative Director

Steve Kelley, Writer / Producer/ Director


Category 26D — News Promotion – Image

“Picture Perfect”

KUSA —  Denver

Andy Schaeffer, Lights and Shoots

Chad Maurer, Producer

Steve Carter, Writer/Producer/Frame Owner


Category 26E — Program Promotion – Single Spot

“Nikita in Denver”

KWGN —  Denver

Kevin Andrews, Producer


Category 26F — Program Promotion – Campaign

“CBS4 Broncos Shows”

KCNC —  Denver

Jim Hayek, Design Director

Ed Cushing, Creative Director

Mark Petersen, Producer

Doug Pribble, Producer/Editor

Chad Roark, Designer/Animator


Category 26G — Sports Promotion

“CU vs CSU Mascots”

The MountainWest Sports Network —  Denver

Sean Murray, Producer/Writer

Mike Gray, Producer


Category 26H — Program – Image

“Network Image”

The MountainWest Sports Network —  Denver

Sean Murray, Producer/Writer

Mike Gray, Producer


Category 27 — Commercial – Single Spot

“Globeology 3D”

KMGH-TV —  Denver

Brent Chapin, Writer, Producer, Videographer

Janis Fairchild, Graphic Design, Animation


Category 28 — Station Excellence

“Denver’s 7”

KMGH —  Denver

Byron Grandy, General Manager


Category 29 — News Excellence


KMGH —  Denver

Jeff Harris, News Director


Category 30 — Community Service

“The Traditions That Make Us Who We Are”

KUSA —  Denver

Patti Dennis, News Director


Category 31 — Journalistic Enterprise

“Dave Delozier Composite”

KUSA 9News —  Denver

David W. Delozier, Reporter


Category 32 — Interactivity

“Circus Animals”

KCNC-TV, CBS4 —  Denver

Mike Nunez, Reporter, Editor

Michael Choy, Producer, Photographer


Category 33 — Audio

*** TIE ***

“Yesterday’s Zoo”

Yesterday’s Zoo LLC —  Denver

Mark Oblinger, Mixer

Bruce Marshall, SFX Engineer

Shane DeRolf, Recording Engineer


“Colorado Inside Out: Circa 1935 Audio Design”

Colorado Public Television —  Denver

Larry Patchett, Audio Designer


Category 34 — Musical Composition/Arrangement

*** TIE ***

“Yesterday’s Zoo”

Yesterday’s Zoo LLC —  Denver

Shane DeRolf, Composer

Mark Oblinger, Composer



Denise Gentilini Music —  Denver

Denise Gentilini, Composer


Category 35A&B — Director

“The Founders: Demo Day”

TechStars/Alpine Light Pictures, Inc —  Denver

Megan Leigh Sweeney, Director


Category 36A — Program Editor

“The Colorado National Monument: Celebrating 100 Years of John Otto’s Dream”

KRMJ-TV —  Grand Junction

Greg Mikolai, Editor


Category 36B — News Editor – Within 24 Hours

“Fire, Beer, and an Ukulele? Dave Edited Those in 24 Hours!”

KDVR/KWGN —  Denver

David Althouse, Editor


Category 36C — News Editor – No Time Limit

“Trapped in an Edit Bay: Anne Edits the Long Stuff”

KUSA —  Denver

Anne Herbst, Editor


Category 36D — Sports Editor

“Quick And Dirty Sports Edits”

KDVR / KWGN —  Denver

Joshua Maranhas, Editor


Category 36E — Short Form Editor

*** TIE ***

“Yesterday’s Zoo”

Yesterday’s Zoo LLC —  Denver

Shane DeRolf, Graphics Editor

Mark Oblinger, Sound Editor

Bernard Derriman, Animation Editor


“Mike Gray Composite”

The MountainWest Sports Network —  Denver

Mike Gray, Editor


Category 37A — Program Graphics

“Programming Graphics”

The MountainWest Sports Network —  Denver

Steve Symkoviak, Creative Director

Jason Abell, Senior Designer/Animator

Bryan Davis, Designer


Category 37B&C — Graphics – News & Short Turnaround

“Open Animations”

KFOR NewsChannel 4 —  Oklahoma City

Kevin Barrett, Graphic Artist


Category 37D & 38 — Lighting & Set Design

“Using Wood”

Root Sports —  Denver

Joel Niebauer, Creative Director

Ryan Morrison, Photographer


Category 39A — Anchor – News

“Adele Arakawa – Compilation”

KUSA-TV, 9News —  Denver

Adele Arakawa, Anchor


Category 39B — Anchor – Weather

“Oklahoma Severe Weather with Mike Morgan”

KFOR-TV —  Oklahoma City

Mike Morgan, Talent


Category 39C — Anchor – Sports

“Lionel Bienvenu, Sports for Everyone”

KMGH —  Denver

Lionel Bienvenu, Anchor / Writer


Category 39D — Commentator/Editorialist

“Why I Won’t Wear Red on Saturdays — Go Buffs!”

KUSA-TV —  Denver

Chris Vanderveen, Writer


Category 39E & 39G– Performer/Narrator

“Yesterday’s Zoo”

Yesterday’s Zoo LLC —  Denver

Shane DeRolf, Narrator


Category 39F — Program Host/Moderator

“Halls Presents: What The Chic”

Scenic Road Productions —  Lenexa, KS

Michael Mackie, Host


Category 39H — Reporter – Live

“Backpack Journalists Go Live Too?”

KUSA-TV —  Denver

Kevin Torres, Reporter


Category 40A — Program Photographer

“The Colorado National Monument: Celebrating 100 Years of John Otto’s Dream”

KRMJ-TV —  Grand Junction

Greg Mikolai, Photographer


Category 40B — News Photographer

“Robin Collett Composite”

KTUL —  Tulsa

Robin Collett, Photojournalist


Category 40C — Sports Photographer

“Brian Olson Sports Photography 2010”

KUSA-TV —  Denver

Brian Olson, Photographer


Category 41 — Technical Achievement

“The Mountain Bowl”

Root Sports —  Denver

Grant McGilvray, Engineer

Christopher Connolly, Engineer

Michael Schanno, Operations Manager

Daniel Marcus, Engineer In Charge


Category 42 — Video Journalist

“Dave Delozier Composite”

KUSA 9News —  Denver

David W. Delozier, Video Journalist


Category 43A — Writer – Program

“Yesterday’s Zoo”

Yesterday’s Zoo LLC —  Denver

Shane DeRolf, Writer


Category 43B — Writer – News

“Burt Mummolo Composite”

KTUL —  Tulsa

Burt Mummolo, Writer


Category 44 — News Producer

“By Day I Fight Crime”

KDVR —  Denver

Frances Algeo, Producer


Category 45 — Student Production

“CU Science Update – Pluto”

CU Boulder School of Journalism and Mass Communication —

Paul Daugherty, Executive Producer

Sara Handing, Producer

Amanda Yourick, Producer/Director

Jenna Browder, Host

Greg O’Brien, Post Production

Eric Duggan, Studio Interviewer

Sabina Hadzic, Production Crew


# # # # #