Carl Akers

A 38-year veteran of broadcasting, Carl Akers is a name synonymous with Denver television. Early in his long and distinguished career, Carl established himself as a writer. He would take a story off the news wires, rewrite it with an economy of words and deliver it in his refined broadcasting voice.

In 1948 he went to work for KLZ Radio. His down-to-earth style in radio eventually led to television in 1953 as an anchorman and newscaster at KMGH-TV (formerly KLZ). Carl’s new and innovative attempt to bring the TV audience into the working newsroom contributed to a successful reign in the ratings for the next decade.

After a three-year sabbatical, he joined KUSA-TV (formerly KBTV) in 1968 to help build the struggling third-place station into a leading news organization in the television market. Akers took on the responsibilities of three men: anchor of the 5 o’clock and 10 o’clock newscasts, as well as news director for both the radio and television newsrooms. He made it a point to hire talent who were journalists first and personalities second. In 1976 Akers was named vice president of news and began doing commentaries for Channel 9, a trademark of 9News for a decade. As a result of his television writing, Akers has authored two books – Carl Akers’ Colorado and Carl Akers’ Comments.

Carl’s intense love of Colorado and his excitement about living in this state came across on television. He has brought more Colorado history to television than anyone else in the business.

A recipient of many awards for his achievements, it is indeed fitting that the Colorado Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognizes Carl Akers with the Governor’s Award for his outstanding contribution to Denver television and his uncompromising journalistic standards.