Al Flanagan

1999 Inductee

It’s no exaggeration to suggest hat Al Flanagan has influenced the careers of hundreds of broadcast professionals across the country as a programmer, station manager and corporate leader. His reputation is that of a tough but honest and compassionate broadcaster with a passion for making the best television programs. Flanagan grew up in California, but went to college at the University of Florida where he caught the broadcasting bug at the campus radio station. Before he graduated in 1942, Flanagan had already been the station’s program manager for three years. After a distinguished career in the US Marines during World War II, Flanagan resumed his broadcasting career in California by directing Emmy Award winning programs. In 1962 Al became the general manager of KBTV and KBTR Radio in Denver. He led the stations to prominence in news and programming. He pioneered community events like the 9Health Fair and 9Who Care. These community based programs represented an abiding belief by Flanagan that the absolute key to success for local broadcasters is understanding and serving their local viewers. He put this belief into practice throughout his career, even when he became a corporate executive. When Combined Communications Corp. bought KBTV (now KUSA) Flanagan became the company’s president. He went on to become president of Gannett Broadcasting when that company bought CCC in 1979. In that role he oversaw television and radio stations across the country. Flanagan retired from Gannett in 1984.