Don Perez

2007 Inductee

Don Perez started his career at KUSA in Denver back in March of 1971. Over the years, he has been involved in a number of significant engineering and operational projects. He is known as a leader, as a pioneer, and a catalyst for change.

In 1979 he was on the team that installed the station’s first computerized editing system. In the early nineties he won Gannett’s Herb Schubarth Award for Engineering Achievement for his work in integrating television components into the design and construction of the then new 9News building at Speer and Logan. When Pope John Paul II visited Denver in 1993 for World Youth Day, Don coordinated the technical operations for the station and was part of the team that created an international pool feed of the four-day event.

The twenty-first century has brought big changes to television – merging I.T., broadcast and other technologies. During this transition, Don worked closely with various major manufacturers in the development of new products for the TV industry. In fact, one of his largest achievements was making KUSA the third station in the country to switch to high definition television newscasts, and helping to design the first HDTV news helicopter. As the Director of Operations and Technology for the station, Don oversaw the entire process including the station’s digital conversion, the move to non-linear editing, and eventually the first HDTV newscast in Denver – “It was a little like changing the engine of a car while it’s still moving,” he says.

In 2006, Don successfully led the technology conversion to operate two stations, KUSA and KTVD, from one building.

Now retired, Don and his wife Carol enjoy traveling, sports cars, and golf.