Ed Scott

2005 Inductee

Anyone living in Denver in the 1950’s and early 1960’s – especially the youngsters – will remember Sheriff Scotty. The Sheriff, a grizzled 70-year-old lawman, appeared on their black and white television sets emphasizing good old-fashioned American values: he wanted his “posse” members to do their chores, obey their folks and treat their friends with honesty and respect. Ed Scott was a 20-something broadcasting entrepreneur when he first donned the Sheriff’s badge; today he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Broadcast Pioneers of Colorado – and in between is a lifetime of service to the broadcast community.

Ed Scott started his television career in Chicago in 1949 as a freelance actor, host and announcer. He moved to Denver in 1953 and has, in the ensuing 45 years, worked on various shows as producer, host, announcer, analyst, narrator and even puppeteer – at KMGH, KUSA, KCNC, KWGN and Rocky Mountain PBS. He was awarded a first-place Telly in national competition for his work on the documentary, “There Was a Time.” His “day jobs” (in freelance lingo) show that Ed had a flair for the business of broadcasting as well as community service: ownership of radio stations in Denver and Kansas City, serving as the Mayor of Englewood, and election to the Colorado State Senate – just to name a few!

Ed is also known as a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, participates in numerous leadership activities within his church, and has been inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Colorado Hall of Fame.