Fred Shook

2005 Inductee

Fred Shook is a television news advisor and trainer for US and international clients, working with reporters, photojournalists, producers, editors, management, corporations and government agencies to implement more effective storytelling approaches and communication practices. He established the broadcast journalism program at Colorado State University, and has been a member of the faculty to the annual National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) Television News Video Workshop from 1984 through 1997, and the NPPA Advanced Team Television News Workshop from 1998 to the present. He has written five books on electronic news gathering, field reporting, news writing and the process of news broadcasting. Before joining the faculty at Colorado State, Fred worked as a news writer, reporter, photographer, editor and producer for over 22 years.

During his tenure with the University of Oklahoma, Fred helped to expand and refine the broadcast journalism curriculum for the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, and helped in the design of the school’s new wing.

News professionals from around the Heartland region and, in fact, from across the country have learned the finer points of excellence in journalism from Fred Shook; he is indefatigable in his ability to instill in his students a respect for this powerful medium, a delight in storytelling, and the motivation to preserve the integrity of journalism.

Fred is the recipient of numerous professional awards, including the NPPA’s “Outstanding National Educator” award.