Gary England

2000 Inductee

In a state where the weather is quick changing and life threatening, Gary England, Chief Meteorologist at KWTV, in Oklahoma City, is literally a lifesaver. Viewers trust him and they know that he knows what he is talking about. His innovations, developed for Oklahoma, are now common tools for weather prediction and safety throughout the entire United States If you want to see for yourself what Gary has initiated, simply turn on your TV during a severe storm.

In 1981 Gary became the first meteorologist in history to use Doppler radar for direct warnings to the public. Official warnings at that time usually came after the storm or with too little time to take shelter. In 1990 he developed First Warning, an automated severe weather warning computer system, which provides viewers instantaneous weather warnings from the National Weather Service.

In 1991 Gary developed StormTracker, a severe weather tracking and projection computer system now in use nationwide. In 1999 he developed Storm Signal, a computer based severe weather warning system which allows a person to receive warnings at the same time as the warning is appearing on a television screen.

On May 3, 1999, the most powerful and devastatingtornado ever recorded slammed into Oklahoma, an event that could have resulted in hundreds of deaths. Due to Gary England’s efforts and innovations, Oklahomans had ample time either to flee their homes or properly prepare themselves for what was to hit. Over the years, Gary has become an institution in Oklahoma but his impact reaches far beyond. There is not a person reading this who has not in some way or another been the beneficial recipient of all that he has introduced into electronic weather forecasting.

Board of Governors Award Recipient: 1997