Greg Moody

2014 InducteeGreg_Moody[6]

No one can argue that Greg Moody’s name is synonymous with arts and entertainment coverage in Denver. Since 1986 he’s been the Critic at Large, first with KUSA beginning in 1986 then at KCNC from 1988 to 2014. And, since his broadcasting career originated in Milwaukee in 1981, he’s been ‘in the business’ for over thirty years. Greg is the one with an encyclopedic knowledge of plays, movies, musicals and music, and a vast understanding of things behind-the-scenes as well as an appreciation of a patron’s unique perspective in the audience. His ability to combine these is his talent: Greg makes art and entertainment compelling for everyone else by using his self-deprecating sense of humor and his gift of storytelling to translate theater, ballet and opera into a language that viewers understand and appreciate. How many small productions or children’s programs or gallery openings might have gone overlooked if not for his attention? How many zoo events, film festival premieres, concerts and local hidden gems might we have missed if not for Greg’s notice? As the arts community in the Denver metro area expanded (exploded) over the last decades, Greg Moody has been here to raise awareness and enjoyment of all the things there are to do and see.

From 1999 to 2004 Greg produced a weekly arts and entertainment roundup called ‘SHOW’ which shot on location in places such as the Art Museum or the DCPA, the Circus, Ocean Journey, or Wings over the Rockies, and Greg put his heart – and his theater background – into every story with passion and enthusiasm. His flexibility and renowned deft turn of word enabled a fluid segue between a review of the Colorado Symphony and a description of the opening act for a heavy metal band at the Pepsi Center. And well before the term ‘backpack journalist’ was being tossed around as the latest new thing, Greg has been an experienced editor for over 15 years – writing and editing his daily features plus multiple segments for SHOW. An avid cyclist, Greg covered Ride the Rockies for years using his personal cycling knowledge to provide viewers with an insider’s perspective.

Greg is known for enthusiastically jumping into the station’s community service activities, for his sense of humor and incredible work ethic, and for his thoughtful commentaries even when reviewing a ‘clunker.’ He knows everyone who’s anyone in the local arts scene, and they know and respect him. Greg exemplifies the best in broadcasting: a journalist who is not only a participating member of the community but also a beloved friend and esteemed co-worker.

Now, get out there and have some fun!