Ken Miller

2014 InducteeKenMiller

Many years ago, a starting shortstop with Fort Hays State University decided to maximize his Communications degree with an internship running tape in a truck, and a potential MLB career gave way to one in televised sports; Ken Miller hit that one out of the park. Currently the Executive Producer at ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain, Ken began working in the Heartland region 29 years ago and, in the last quarter-century, has directed more than 3,000 live sports and entertainment events around the globe. In the process he has earned 16 Regional Emmy Awards for Producing and Directing, a Cable Ace Award, and the respect and admiration of his peers.

There is hardly a sport Ken doesn’t know: college football, basketball, hockey and baseball; boxing and rodeo; Sunday night football, Monday night football, the SuperBowl, the Masters and the Olympics – to name a few. And let’s not forget his extensive work with the Colorado Rockies and Avalanche, the Denver Nuggets and Broncos. Ken spent many years as a freelance camera operator covering games nationally before moving into the director’s chair and finally the producer’s. Nowadays he manages a schedule, a budget, and a staff for roughly 200 events a year. He is regarded as a gifted director, and a thoughtful, experienced leader who always has the viewer’s best interest in mind.

Ken’s is known for having a keen eye for talent. He searches out and mentors both experienced and up-and-coming announcers, producers and directors, many of whom have gone on to national networks. He guides and encourages this next generation with passion, kindness and a shared love of the game. He builds trust, not only with his co-workers, but also with the network’s team partners. These constructive relationships, along with Ken’s advocacy of technological advancement, have resulted in enhanced production and more exclusive content, to give each and every fan the best seat in the house.

On or off the field, Ken exemplifies ‘Team’ to everyone with whom he works: he is involved, dedicated, and caring; innovative and intelligent. An MVP, first and last.