Kim Christiansen

2012 Inductee

That kind woman who anchors the 4 & 9PM news on KUSA, the one who gets tears in her eyes reporting a difficult story, and who sounds so genuinely happy when the story’s a positive one?  That’s Kim: she loves her job, and it shows.  She cares, and it shows. She is devoted to her community, and it shows.

Kim is not only a Colorado native, but she’s never lived outside the state. And she has only ever worked at one place: KUSA 9News in Denver.  A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, Kim started work in 1985 as a behind-the-scenes news writer. She crafted stories for air for almost 4 years before becoming a reporter, which may be one of the reasons that her co-workers still look for those “Kim Stories” in the lineup. Kim moved from writer, to producer, to reporter and now, a respected anchor. She always has a long list of story ideas and is a leader in the newsroom. In this age of fast-moving technology, Kim is known for her hand-written notes, her empathy, and her kind spirit.

Kim has a unique bond with her viewers, both on and off the air. She has covered many of the headline-inducing tragedies over the last quarter-century and still checks-in with the families that she interviewed; they trust her. She also covers stories about individuals facing difficult circumstances, especially kids: she remembers their names years later.   A local children’s hospital will turn to Kim first when they have a particularly tender story to share; they trust her.  Kim may get a little emotional in front of the camera, but it comes from her heart – and that’s her connection.

Volunteering is important to Kim and she is very active as a spokesperson and advocate for breast cancer research and awareness.  She has been passionate about this cause for 20 years, back when the Race for the Cure, and Komen, were in their infancy.  She dedicates hundreds of hours a year to volunteering in the community, and is happy to lend her talent and name to motivate others to help.

An award-winning journalist, and former Miss Colorado, Kim will tell you that her most important job is being a mom to her son, Tanner.  She is also a proud daughter, sister and wife, and enjoys spending time with her family — here in her Colorado.