LeAnne Taylor

2021 Honoree

From the beginning of LeAnne Taylor’s 37-year (and counting) career in journalism, her passion for people and desire to seek and report the truth has defined her career.  She has the ability to relate to Oklahomans while at the same time keeping them safe, informed, and entertained.  She is a friend you can trust, who brings you the news on the most-watched morning show in town.

Two years out of college, in a very competitive television market, she earned her spot as KTUL’s weekend anchor.  She worked her way up to a health-beat reporter assignment a year later, and was promoted to 5 pm co-anchor the next year. She continued her success after moving to KOTV’s morning show, Six in the Morning, in 1998.  She helped catapult that show to #1 in the Tulsa market.

Her humility and bravery came into focus in early 2004.  From the anchor desk, LeAnne announced she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  She became a fearless advocate for survivors; answering calls and questions from viewers and helping them navigate through diagnosis and treatment.  She has spent countless hours working as a volunteer in the Susan G. Komen office, delivering care-packages to newly diagnosed patients, registering runners for the Race for the Cure, and giving input on organizational direction in her current role as President of Susan G. Komen Oklahoma.

Whether she is in the newsroom, or out in the field reporting on a story, her tenacity is unmatched.  This comes from decades of covering Oklahoma’s most important stories.  When LeAnne was assigned to cover an explosion at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995, she had no idea what a life- and career-changing moment that would be, reporting on one of the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history from ground zero for ten days straight.   Viewers later sent LeAnne numerous letters, amazed that she was able to hold it together and deliver the news to them.

LeAnne Taylor is a Tulsa institution and immediately recognizable to just about any Oklahoman on the eastern side of the state.  Viewers love LeAnne and feel like she’s a friend.  But, perhaps more importantly for a local television journalist, Oklahomans trust her.  She seeks and reports the truth, asks the tough questions to those in positions of power, and holds up the figurative mirror to reflect what’s happening in our communities.  She believes in reporting the news to Oklahomans, not inserting her opinion to bend the coverage to her worldview.  LeAnne Taylor is a consummate professional, effortless communicator, and fierce advocate.