Mark Koebrich

2006 Inductee

Mark Koebrich launched his career in Terre Haute, Indiana, in 1974, then in 1978 moved to Louisville, Kentucky, and WLKY before moving to KUSA in 1981 as the Southern Bureau reporter in Colorado Springs. Since then, he’s handled a variety of jobs. In 1988 he was loaned to USA TODAY-The Television Show as a national correspondent, from 1992-’94 he hosted “Good Afternoon Colorado,” has been involved in the coverage of two Olympics Games for 9News and NBC, and he has covered four Denver Bronco Super Bowl appearances. He has anchored mornings, days and evenings with aplomb; he is well-known as the Consumer Reporter for 9News. He writes in ways that help the viewer understand. Mark has done it all, and he is known as a good storyteller with an eye for detail. What is remarkable is his positive attitude and can-do spirit, which is legendary among his peers. He carries his professional integrity and big heart into everything he does – both on and off the air. Whether he’s hosting a high-profile event or talking to a star-struck fan in the grocery story, Mark is genuinely nice and generous with his time. Each interaction is a chance to win a viewer for life, or what Mark likes to call “job security.” Currently, Mark is the co-anchor for the 4pm news on KUSA and the 9pm news on KTVD in Denver, also owned by Gannett Broadcasting as is KUSA. Mark and his wife, Cathy, have two children.