Rodolfo Cardenas

2009 Inductee

A native of Venezuela, Rodolfo Cárdenas began his television career in 1984, producing the first weekly Spanish TV show in Colorado, “My Family” in Windsor. He moved on to be the News Director/Anchor of KUBD Channel 59, a Telemudo affiliate, and he also translated the evening news on KCNC at 6:30 in simulcast. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado.

In 1995, Rodolfo created the KCEC (Univision) news department in Denver, where he was the News Director and Anchor for almost 14 years. He was recognized as the first Hispanic journalist Broadcaster of the Year by the CBA in 2003. Highlighting his outstanding career are exclusive interviews with two Presidents of the United States, a vast number of North American and Latin American politicians, and celebrated members of the entertainment world. He has been recognized as a true role model to the Hispanic Youth for his successful and dedicated efforts on their behalf, and is the recipient of awards from the Hispanic Salute Organization and Escuela Tlatelolco.

He is a regular speaker at Denver area high schools to help promote the future of Hispanic students in Colorado, and years ago established the “Hispanic Student of the Month” program, which features outstanding Latino students and provides scholarships. He initiated the project, “Periodistas de Manana” to motivate Hispanic students to stay in school and pursue careers in journalism. He is a highly dedicated professional who uses his expertise and knowledge to educate and motivate. His peers speak of him as a person of high integrity whose good name and responsible work ethic provide an invaluable service to the community. In 2007, Rodolfo received the Community Service Volunteer Award” from the Hispanic Annual Salute, for his many charitable efforts.

Rodolfo has worked hard to maintain the highest journalistic standards in his newsroom and in his newscasts, and also to reach out to his viewers in a very human way, to mentor, to serve and to assist. He is married with two sons.