Tom Green

2017 Inductee

Tom is one of the most recognized people in Denver television, spending more than 35 years just in that city alone; first in sports, he has now been the face of morning TV on Channel 2 for more than 15 years.  In addition to 10 Emmy® awards, Tom was named the Colorado Sportscaster of the Year 4 times by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Associations.

Tom grew up in New York City, attended Ithaca College, and then started his TV career at a station in New Haven, Connecticut.  He joined ESPN in the early days and was honored to work with and learn from big sports names: Bob Ley, Chris Berman, Greg Gumbel, Tom Mees, and Sal Marchiano.

Tom drove across the country to Colorado in 1982 to start his Denver career as a sportscaster at KUSA, where he says his mentors were Mike Nolan, Gary Cruz and Corey McPherrin.  Later, Tom became the main sports anchor at KMGH.

His experience also includes play-by-play, color and sideline reporting for ABC and Fox Sports. Tom spent time in Hollywood hosting game shows, including a show called “Sports on Tap”, a fast-paced, funny quiz show on ESPN.

Tom uses his standing as a respected journalist to raise awareness for a variety of good causes. Since 2001 he has promoted the “9/11 Day of Giving” raising nearly 1 million dollars in donations for the New York firefighters fund. In the past three years he has helped to raise an average $120,000 per year for Colorado cancer charities.  For sixteen years he has served as a board member of the Gold Crown Foundation, educating youth and community through sports and enrichment.

In 2002, Tom decided he wanted to try news and made the jump to be the anchor for KWGN’s morning show, making his mark with that dry sense of humor and quick wit that sets the show apart. He is excellent with breaking news. He’s the person you want at the desk when news is unfolding and there’s no time to write it.  He has the ability to interpret the pictures and new information and deliver it on the air with perfect tone, pacing and most of all to be calm and organized with it the whole time.

Tom has a unique connection with viewers.  He is one of the most recognizable and likable people on Denver TV.  He has great respect for the viewer, reminding us often that the work we do is for them, that it’s a privilege that people invite him and our show into their homes.  He reminds us that our relationships with viewers should be respected.

While Tom is a serious news man, many viewers and co-workers know him for his quick wit and smart-alecky sense of humor.  It’s what many viewers know him best for, always being there for a smart laugh. And he transitions from news to humor and back to news so easily and flawlessly, it just feels so natural and comfortable.  Tom is simply a pleasure to watch.

Tom has given his heart and soul to covering sports and news in Denver for the past 32 years.  He’s part of the fabric here.  There is no doubt that Tom has made a great contribution to the broadcast industry in Denver, both in sports and news: he is the ultimate newsroom quarterback – a leader with talent beyond measure with a humble nature.  He guides young newsroom employees, teaching while cracking a joke that lightens every meeting.