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Thank you to our 2021 Entrants!
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Website Redesign

Major facelift due to arrive in the first couple weeks of December here at emmyawards.tv. Not only will we be looking tanned, rested and ready, but it’ll be tons easier to find the information you’re looking for. We are (mildly) coordinating with website redesigns at the Upper Midwest Chapter and the Mid-America Chapter, with others of our crowd of 19 ¬†following along in the new year.

Board of Governors Elections

Thanks to all our members who participated in the 2020 election! We welcome Carl Bilek, Michelle Carpenter, Blaine Howerton, Bill Perry, Steve Replin and Mike Wallace back for another term, and we welcome Ryan Bramwell as a new addition to the board.  Congratulations to these successful candidates! Our chapter is fortunate to have you adding your strength and enthusiasm to our fabulous board.


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