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We are a membership based organization dedicated to advancing and awarding excellence in all areas of media and television, through our Emmy® Awards competition, scholarships, and programs. We are one of 19 regional chapters across the US, covering  Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming.

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The Show Must Go On!
In case you missed it (live 10/16)

COVID-19 has affected us all.  Join us for an important conversation about what’s been going on behind the scenes in the television industry during the global pandemic.
While citizens were asked to stay home, journalists were forced to find creative ways to get the news on the air everyday.  Productions were put on pause, and are now considering safe ways to start back up.  In this panel, we learn how different sectors of the industry are dealing with COVID-19, and hear about the necessary adjustments made during these uncertain times. 
We talk to News Director Tim Wieland from CBS Denver, General Manager Dana Kopper from High Noon Entertainment, and Director Jasper Gray from Futuristic Films and discover impactful ways to keep your media business afloat. 



And the Emmy® was awarded to ….

Congratulations to all our 2020 Heartland Chapter Emmy® award recipients, presented during our live-streamed event on Saturday, July 25th. There were 428 nominations among 1155 entries, of which 148 were awarded the Emmy® statuette. Student Achievement awards were also presented, as well as three scholarship winners: Victoria Coolidge, Oklahoma Baptist University; Madison Santamaria, University of Colorado Denver; and Josh Duncan, University of Oklahoma. Congratulations to everyone!

Our show was enhanced by our talented presenters: Scott Kilbury with KXRM, Jennifer Griswold at KMTV; Susan Peters with KPTS; Abbie Petersen at KOLN/KGIN; Rafael Contreras of Univision Colorado; Lucas Ross at KFOR; Juliana Broste with TravelingJules Productions — Thank You for your time and energy in pre-producing these fun videos for us!

Emmy® statuettes will be sent from the manufacturer during the next several weeks, to the address you (the nominee) gave us in the questionnaire. It’s not too late to fill out the form if you haven’t already.

The entire awards show is available here for playback.

How to Promote your 2020 Heartland Emmy® Award

Use of Regional Emmy® Name and Statuette in Advertising and Publicity

AWARD OWNERSHIP: Regional Emmy® Awards are presented to individuals, not to their employers.  It is the individual entrant’s achievement that is being judged and recognized. Ownership of the Regional Emmy® statuette is retained by the individual and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, even if an employer pays entry fees.

Recipients may not sell or give the statuette to anyone.  The Regional Emmy® Award Statuette is the copyrighted and registered trademarked property of NATAS!  If a recipient or the recipient’s heir or successor in interest proposes to sell or otherwise dispose of the Regional Emmy® statue(ette), such persons shall be obligated to return the statue(ette) to  NATAS which will retain the same in storage in memory of the recipient.

COMMEMORATIVE STATUETTES: Stations, studios and production companies may order a commemorative statuette for public display at their place of business (up to a maximum of three per winning entry). The statuette is engraved the same as the actual Regional Emmy® Award, with the word “commemorative” added on the rear of the statuette.  No additional or special wording is allowed.

PROMOTION: All publicity, advertising or any written reference undertaken by stations, nominees and award recipients to the Emmy® Awards, must clearly state that the awarded achievement is for a Regional Emmy®Award. The word Regional” must appear in these instances. i.e. “Regional Emmy® Recipient for Evening Newscast”

The recipient of a nomination or a Regional Emmy® Award or station/company may refer in advertising and publicity to the fact that they have been honored only for one year after the recognition was bestowed. They may use a replica of the Regional Emmy® statuette in such advertising. Individuals who significantly contributed to the production or craft but were not honored with a statuette cannot specifically advertise they are an Emmy®award recipient. They can only state they worked on the recognized program.

COPYRIGHT: The statuette itself may not be reproduced or used in any other commercial manner without written permission from NATAS.  A ® registration mark and the appropriate copyright notice: © NATAS/Television Academy must accompany any portrayal of the Emmy® statuette or moniker.  The word “EMMY®” is also trademarked and wherever possible its use should appear as follows: EMMY®

Correct:  I received a Heartland Emmy® award for ____________ (category title)

Incorrect:  I won an Emmy for Best _________________ (category title)

How to Celebrate your 2020 Heartland Emmy® Nomination

Congratulations 2020 Heartland Emmy nominees!  We hope you enjoy sharing this fantastic news with your friends and followers on social media.  Here are three ways you can share the news about your 2020 Heartland Emmy nomination.  By the way, feel free to tag us @HeartlandEmmy over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use the official hashtag #heartlandemmy to connect with our community.
On Friday, June 5, the Heartland Emmy Chapter posted gold nomination announcement graphics by request on Facebook & Twitter using the hashtag #heartlandemmy.  Do a quick search to find yours.
Post the official 2020 Heartland Emmy Nominee graphic to your feed or update your profile photo.
Update your Facebook profile photo with the official 2020 Heartland Emmy Nominee filter.  Within Facebook, mouse over your profile photo and click on “update.”  Then choose “add frame.”  The official frame is already available within the templates (and it has been geotagged do you can find it in your region).  It’s called ‘Heartland Emmy Nominee 2020″ by Drew Sidener (our Awards Chair).  Here’s a peek at this snazzy official Facebook frame.




Production Resources

Production resources for members of the television community impacted by COVID-19. NATAS has gathered a list of resources for production/freelance workers. This list will grow as we continue to source additional information.

What is Television?

Television is no longer defined by a box that resides in the family living room. Television is happening everywhere we go. The Heartland Emmy® Chapter honors original content created for traditional broadcast/cablecast mediums as well as non-traditional and emerging platforms for broadband and portable delivery. Television is ‘moving pictures on a screen.’  If you are a producer (no matter your craft discipline) of original material intended for a Heartland audience, then this is your home for television excellence.

Commemorative Plaques

Memorialize your contribution to an Emmy® winning production with a stunning wall plaque. There is no statute of limitations for ordering these, even for past years’ productions. All plaques are a beautiful rosewood with a polished piano-key finish and engraved brass plate.

Judging Policy

The success of the Emmy® Awards process depends on the willingness of qualified professionals to serve as judges.

By entering, you agree to serve as a judge when asked, and that judging must occur during calendar year 2019.

  • If you enter once, you’ll need to judge once
  • If you enter twice, you’ll need to judge twice
  • If you enter three or more times, you’ll need to judge at least 3 times

Entrants who meet their judging requirements enjoy reduced entry fees.
There are typically 6-9 opportunities to judge other chapters’ entries during the year and all entrants are notified via email at that time. Also, judging availabilities are displayed in your membership dashboard as they occur.
What’s the time commitment for judging? 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the category; judging can be done anywhere you have a computer; it’s all online.

Membership Bonus:
When you judge 3 or more times during a calendar year, you’ll earn a $10 discount on membership dues for the coming year. There is no limit to the amount of judging you can do, as long as you’re qualified to judge the categories you choose.

We polled several of our long-time judges, to ask them Why Judge? Here’s what they said:

  • “I like to compare my work with other markets around the country”
  • “It expands the judging pool, which is how I want my work judged”
  • “I get a ton of ideas from watching other people’s work”
  • “Doing it online is super-easy for my schedule; I don’t have to do it all at once”


Mid-December, 2020
The 2021 Call for Entries opens