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EMMY® Competition 2018

The 2018 Heartland Awards Competition is now open!
Eligible entries will be accepted through Friday, February 2, 2018. NATAS members earn discounted entry fees. To enter, click the Awards tab above, or use this link.
We welcome video aired via broadcast, cablecast, satellite and internet; remember that the  production always must have been intended for a local/regional audience to be viable in the Heartland competition.

Dates to remember:
December 31, 2017: Last day to renew membership at current rate
⇒Friday, February 2, 2018: Deadline for Entries – entry form, video upload, payment
March: Entries posted on website; make changes/add names
⇒Mid-May:  Nominations announced; no more changes to entries
⇒Saturday, July 14, 2018: Emmy® Awards Galas in Oklahoma City & Denver


It’s time to renew your NATAS membership for 2018, and if you renew before December 31st, we have a deal for you!  Renew now at the rate of $55/annually or $100 for two years – with a discount on membership dues of $10 if you judged 3 or more panels in 2017 (log into your membership profile to see if you’re eligible).

Here’s why renewing now is important: for the first time in over a decade, we’re raising membership dues to $65/annually ($120 for a two year renewal) effective January 1, 2018. The Heartland Chapter dues will still be one of the lowest of all 19 chapters.

Why the increase? Our Emmy® Awards galas are now one of the best social events of the year and attendance is at an all-time high. Last year, we upgraded the venue, food and drink as well as production. And the July 2017 show was our most successful gala ever in both attendance and awards. Our chapter’s Emmy Awards are lauded as one of the best in the country and we’ll continue the celebration of outstanding excellence in broadcast work in our chapter this year.

As a reminder, member benefits include discounted entry fees in the awards competition, access to programs, and chapter news.  So don’t wait until next year – renew now to get your discounted rate!

What is Television?

Television is no longer defined by a box that resides in the family living room. Television is happening everywhere we go. The Heartland Emmy® Chapter honors original content created for traditional broadcast/cablecast mediums as well as non-traditional and emerging platforms for broadband and portable delivery. Television is ‘moving pictures on a screen.’  If you are a producer (no matter your craft discipline) of original material intended for a Heartland audience, then this is your home for television excellence.

Commemorative Plaques

Memorialize your contribution to an Emmy-winning production with a stunning wall plaque. There is no statute of limitations for ordering these, even for past years’ winning productions. All plaques are a beautiful rosewood with a polished piano-key finish and engraved brass plate; all feature a replica statue (5″ or 9″ – price varies). Contact the office for more information.

Judging Policy

The success of the Emmy® Awards process depends on the willingness of qualified professionals to serve as judges.

By entering, you agree to serve as a judge when asked, and that judging must occur during calendar year 2017.

  • If you enter once, you’ll need to judge once
  • If you enter twice, you’ll need to judge twice
  • If you enter three or more times, you’ll need to judge at least 3 times

If you don’t meet your judging requirement, your entry fees will increase ($25 for members, $80 for non-members) the next time you enter the competition.
There are typically 6-9 opportunities to judge other chapters’ entries during the year (we call them Rounds) and all entrants are notified via email when it’s time.
What’s the time commitment for judging? 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the category; judging can be done anywhere you have a computer; it’s all online.

Membership Bonus:
When you judge 3 or more times during a calendar year, you’ll earn a $10 discount on membership dues for the coming year. There is no limit to the amount of judging you can do, as long as you’re qualified to judge the categories you choose.

We polled several of our long-time judges, to ask them Why Judge? Here’s what they said:

  • “I like to compare my work with other markets around the country”
  • “It expands the judging pool, which is how I want my work judged”
  • “I get a ton of ideas from watching other people’s work”
  • “Doing it online is super-easy for my schedule; I don’t have to do it all at once”

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Professional Membership

Those who work in the television and related industries are eligible for professional membership. Dues are annual, and our membership year runs from January through December. Chapter membership provides automatic membership in the National Academy.