The Gold and Silver Circle are not awards, but a society of honor. The Silver Circle was established to recognize individuals who have devoted a quarter of a century or more to the television industry, and who also have made a meaningful and significant contribution to broadcasting and/or new media. The Gold Circle recognizes those whose contribution spans fifty years or more. These honorees represent the spirit of innovation, passion, creativity and commitment that are the hallmarks of excellence in the television arts and sciences. We salute them for their efforts, and successes and for the enduring mark they have made on our broadcasting communities. The broadcast pioneers who become part of this distinguished group have had significant careers in many different aspects of the industry — engineering, management, on-air, technical, production, administration, talent.


The Silver Circle is an elite group of professionals recognized by the Heartland Chapter for making a significant contribution to television over a time period of at least 25 years (and 50 years for the Gold Circle). Silver/Gold Circle recognition may be given posthumously. New Silver/Gold Circle members will be inducted at the Emmy Awards ceremony in the summer.​

Those eligible will have made a significant contribution to television; the contribution can be in service in the industry, to NATAS, to the community, or to people training for a career in the field. Nominees have integrity and honor. They may elevate the craft of journalism, chart new territory, or raise the standards of the industry. Nominations are accepted from the performing, creative, technical or administrative roles within the industry or in peripheral areas directly related to television such as TV commercial production, TV journalism or TV education. Neither nominators nor nominees need to be members of NATAS.

Nominations come from you

Submit a nomination by February 9, 2024. The nomination letter must detail the nominee’s contributions to the television industry and community involvement. The nominee will not be contacted, as many nominees may not know they have been nominated. There is no entry fee. For more information, contact the NATAS office at 303-722-0916.​

Nominations are reviewed by the Silver Circle Committee, which is appointed by the Board of Governors. The committee evaluates the nominee’s contributions and then votes for inductees by secret ballot. The committee must vote unanimously to induct a nominee into the Silver/Gold Circle. No more than ten individuals are inducted into the Silver/Gold Circle in any given year. The selection process is kept confidential.