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Membership Eligibility

Those who live and work in the Heartland Region may become members of this Chapter. Also, professionals whose work is aired in the Heartland Region (but who do not live here) may become members. Membership in another chapter may be transferrable. The Heartland Chapter includes these DMAs: Denver, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Wichita/Hutchinson, Omaha, Colorado Springs/Pueblo, Lincoln/Hastings-Kearney, Topeka, Grand Junction/Montrose, Cheyenne/Scottsbluff, Casper/Riverton, North Platte and Durango.

The Heartland Chapter’s membership period runs from January through December; annual renewal is necessary to keep your membership current. Your information is completely confidential to NATAS; it may be shared with the national NATAS organization. Professional and Associate membership rates are $65 annually; a discount is available for a 2-year pre-paid membership. Student Membership rates are $15 per year.

~Create a New Account (Member or Guest)
Professional Membership: for those currently working in the business
Associate Membership: for those interested in and supportive of the business
Guest Account: for those who want to enter the awards competition without becoming a member of NATAS. Your entry fees will be almost twice as much as member rates.
~LOG IN to Your Existing Account: to renew your annual membership, to judge entries, to enter the awards competition, and to pay an invoice. To avoid login issues, use Chrome, Firefox or Safari ONLY.

Member Benefits

  • Affiliation with over 1000 television professionals throughout Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, and Wyoming, all of whom are committed to the highest standards of professional excellence.
  • Significantly reduced price on entry fees for the annual Emmy® awards competition.
  • Automatic membership in the National NATAS organization.
  • When you judge 3 or more times during a calendar year, you’ll earn a $10 discount on membership dues for the coming year. There is no limit to the amount of judging you can do, as long as you’re qualified to judge (have experience in) the categories you choose.
  • Advance notice of an expanded slate of programs and workshops

Members and Entrants!

By entering, you agree to serve as a judge when asked, and that judging must occur during calendar year of your entry. These are your judging requirements:

  • If you enter once, you’ll need to judge once
  • If you enter twice, you’ll need to judge twice
  • If you enter three or more times, you’ll need to judge at least 3 times
  • You do not need to be a member to judge
  • If you are a member and you meet your judging requirement, you’ll earn additional entry fee discounts for next year’s competition!
  • Anyone, member or guest, who judges more than 3 times during the eligibility period will earn a $10 discount toward next year’s membership fees

There are typically 6-9 opportunities to judge other chapters’ entries during the year (we call them Rounds) and all entrants are notified via email. You can expect to see these judging notices regularly through July/August, after which the judging is on an unscheduled basis – if at all.

What’s the time commitment for judging? 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the category; judging can be done anywhere you have a computer; it’s all online.