Board of Governors’ Award

Given in recognition of achievements by individuals, organizations, or companies, which do not fall within the structure of the Chapter’s regular area awards.  Historically, the Board of Governors’ Award is for truly outstanding and unique accomplishments or for achievements of some duration and durability.  For this award, an Emmy® statuette is given.

a)    This award can be given to an individual, a company, or an organization for outstanding achievements in the arts, sciences or management of television or allied media; which is either of a cumulative nature or  extraordinary and universal in nature as to be beyond the realm of the awards presented in the categories of achievements.

b)   Members of the Board of Governors of a Chapter nominate, for consideration by the Board, the individuals, companies and/or organizations which they consider merit this highest award of the Chapter.  Nominations must be submitted in writing in time to be considered at a Governors’ meeting at least one month prior to the presentation of the award.

c)   The Board of Governors discusses the nominations at this meeting; then vote, in secret, a preliminary ballot to determine, by majority vote, which of the nominations will be considered for the award.

d)   The Board of Governors then votes a second ballot in secret to select the recipient(s) of the Governors’ Award, if any. A five-sixth (5/6ths) favorable vote of the members of the Board of Governors present at the meeting is required for the award to be given.


1987 Hugh Terry
1988 Carl Akers
1990 Stormy Rottman
1991 Pete Smythe
1992 Gene O’Fallon
1993 Don Johnson
1994 Bob Palmer
1995 Ralph Allen | Beverly Martinez | Lewis Meyer
1996 Roger Ogden
1997 Gary England
2002 Carol Naff
2005 Dusty Saunders
2007 Wynona Sullivan
2015 Dominic Dezzutti