Rodolfo Cardenas

A native of Venezuela, Rodolfo Cárdenas began his television career in 1984, producing the first weekly Spanish TV show in Colorado, "My Family," in Windsor. He moved on to be the News Director/Anchor of KUBD Channel 59, a Telemundo affiliate, and he also translated the evening news on KCNC at 6:30 in simulcast. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado.

In 1995, Rodolfo created the KCEC (Univision) news department in Denver, where he was the News Director and Anchor for almost 14 years. He was recognized as the first Hispanic journalist Broadcaster of the Year by the CBA in 2003. Highlighting his outstanding career are exclusive interviews with two Presidents of the United States, a vast number of North American and Latin American politicians, and celebrated members of the entertainment world. He has been recognized as a true role model to the Hispanic Youth for his successful and dedicated efforts on their behalf and is the recipient of awards from the Hispanic Salute Organization and Escuela Tlatelolco.

He is a regular speaker at Denver area high schools to help promote the future of Hispanic students in Colorado and years ago established the "Hispanic Student of the Month" program, which features outstanding Latino students and provides scholarships. He initiated the project, "Periodistas de Manana," to motivate Hispanic students to stay in school and pursue careers in journalism. He is a highly dedicated professional who uses his expertise and knowledge to educate and motivate. His peers speak of him as a person of high integrity whose good name and responsible work ethic provide an invaluable service to the community. In 2007, Rodolfo received the "Community Service Volunteer Award" from the Hispanic Annual Salute for his many charitable efforts.

Rodolfo has worked hard to maintain the highest journalistic standards in his newsroom and in his newscasts and also to reach out to his viewers in a very human way, to mentor, to serve, and to assist. He is married with two sons.

Patti Dennis

We know her as the News Director for 9News in Denver, as a highly respected news professional with a healthy sense of competition and a keen eye for talent, who has helped keep her station at the top of the ratings for decades. She is the definition of relentless hard work, leading by example, and inspiring peers and coworkers with the motivation to exceed their own best efforts.

Patti Dennis grew up in Oklahoma, graduating from the University of Oklahoma, where she likes to point out that she took two years of meteorology – giving her just enough information to be dangerous. She started her broadcast career over 30 years ago at KOCO, as a studio camera operator and weather map-cleaner. From there, she moved to KDFW in Dallas. In 1981, she came to KUSA where her energy and vision, and complete commitment to news, has moved her to the position she now holds: Vice President/News Director.

As both the head of the newsroom and a member of management, Patti's coworkers speak highly of her ability to respond to the challenges faced by the industry today: contracting budgets, shrinking staff, buyouts, furloughs, and emerging technologies. Patti embraces change and continues to lead her organization into the future. She is a graceful and respectful competitor, quick to initiate cooperation among the local news stations when it will serve the greater good.

Her most important job is outside the station, as she and her husband, Tim, raise two teenage-plus daughters. During their school years, she managed her time meticulously, leaving work to attend an important game with them, then rushing back to the newsroom.

A long list of adjectives describes Patti: smart, aggressive, tough, fair, compassionate, creative, ethical, reliable, organized, combined with a seemingly endless supply of energy, and that rare ability to keep a staff of one hundred people headed in the same direction every day. Her legacy also includes a reputation for wise-cracks and snappy comebacks, and a suspicion that her DNA may be made up almost entirely of news genes.

Carole Lambert

Since 1982, Carole Lambert has been the co-Anchor of the 6 and 10 PM newscasts for KTUL, making a name for herself not only as a consummate journalist and professional but also as one of the Tulsa community's most treasured assets. Her longstanding efforts on behalf of numerous charitable organizations illustrate the commitment of this newswoman to using her time and talents for the benefit of many.

With a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Music (yes, she sings!) and a Master's degree in Mass Communication, Carole left the entertainment world for her first TV job in Wichita Falls, Texas, in 1979. She then moved to Pittsburg, Kansas, and later to KFOR in Oklahoma City before landing at KTUL. Her warmth, sincerity, and compassion are the qualities that inspire love and trust in her viewers, and her coworkers admire her strength, integrity, and impeccable character.

Carole's involvement in a long list of projects and organizations comes from her own desire to help, and she leads fundraising drives for non-profit organizations, gives a voice to victim advocacy groups, hosts telethons, and inspires kids in the classroom. She is also a huge advocate of the Tulsa Arts Community, having performed with the Tulsa Symphony. But she may be best known for her advocacy of the "Waiting Child" program, a weekly profile of kids in state custody awaiting adoption. Since Carole began hosting and producing these segments in 1990, over 2,500 children have been featured and placed in adoptive homes. But she is quick to point out that the real heroes are the moms and dads who give these kids a loving home.

Her list of awards is impressive: The Oklahoma Association of Broadcaster's "Hall of Fame," the "Congressional Angel Adoption" award, the Southside Tulsa Sertoma Club's "Service to Mankind" award, the state volunteerism award from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, and even "Carole Lambert Day" proclaimed by Governor Frank Keating on November 23, 2000. These are but a few of her recognitions.

So, what does this high-powered woman do to wind down? Just ask Angie, her schnauzer, and Coco, her schnoodle, to describe the pampering they get! Even their wardrobe is impressive: Coco with her red silk kimono, and Angie sporting a denim motorcycle jacket!

Mike Landess

Mike Landess won a speech contest in ninth grade, which led to a job at a local radio station and launched his love for broadcasting and a 40+-year career in television. Now the primary evening news anchor at KMGH in Denver, Mike has worked all over the country, from Dallas to Cleveland to Atlanta and Washington, DC. His first landing in Denver brought him to KUSA from 1977-1993, as the co-anchor of the #1-rated evening newscast. Upon moving to Atlanta, he was recognized for his live coverage of the bombing at Centennial Olympic Park. That experience served him well when later, in Washington, DC, he anchored 16 hours of live coverage after the September 11, 2001 attacks. He received Emmy awards for News Anchor for both of those bodies of work.

Mike's winning combination of quality reporting, caring for his audience, and being a real person is exemplified in his sharing his personal battle with prostate cancer with viewers, from diagnosis to treatment. Working with the physicians and researchers at CU Denver, and with the Prostate Cancer Education Council, Mike put together a CD to create a one-of-a-kind tool for patient awareness, chronicling his journey through this process. He is relentless in answering questions and emails from viewers, to give them as much information as possible to make their own best decisions.

In Denver, the annual Coats for Colorado campaign distributes thousands of coats to Coloradans in need, and Mike is an integral part of this effort. He attends every event and is the last to leave. He is enthusiastic about spreading the goodwill of strong civic journalism to his community. He believes in a relationship of trust with his viewers and works every day to make that happen.

Mike Silva

Mike is an Emmy award-winning news helicopter pilot, with over 25,000 incident-and-accident-free flight hours, recipient of the Bronze Star for his service in Vietnam, veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, law enforcement professional, Colorado native, devoted husband, and proud father of three. He currently serves with the Colorado Army National Guard in the Homeland Security division, training first-responders. He is being honored here for a 26-year "mission" with KCNC Channel 4 as their Chief Pilot, working for most of that time with David Gregg and Luann Akin – affectionately known as the A-Team.

Mike started flying for TV back in 1978, working for KUSA, KMGH, and KCNC, then exclusively with KCNC in 1983. He earned his second degree at Metro State College in 1989, in Meteorology and Broadcasting, and has covered some of the most memorable news events in recent history. Lots of spectacular tornado footage has come from his 'copter, along with technological achievement in covering many Bolder Boulder events, forest fires, floods, crashes, and chases. A truly excellent media helicopter pilot is more than the guy in the cockpit; he understands news and makes it easy and safe for his crew to see the story, get the story, and show the story to their viewers; Mike knew how to position his "camera platform" to allow for that compelling shot.

Mike was a key contributor in writing the helicopter safety standards that are still followed to this day by NBC/Universal, for all ENG pilots; Mike's work in the field of helicopter news has made it a safer, more professional industry. He remains steadfast in his desire to continue to help, learn, and be the best in his profession. He is the recipient of myriad awards, both civilian and military, for the integrity and honor that he displays in all areas of his life. Commendations from the American Red Cross, President Ronald Reagan, Boy Scouts of America, the Federal Aviation Administration, Catholic Charities of Denver, and the U.S. Army describe Mike as a mentor, a teacher, a hero, and a caring friend.